Private Parties – A Quick Word
Phans – We book lots of private parties this time of year and we want to play YOURS. If you would like us (me, The Full Band, The British Are Coming, or Rushmore) to play your event or private party, all you have to do is ASK! MOST IMPORTANTLY, if you see your date booked on our calendar, CALL OR EMAIL ANYWAY. Many of the dates you see online are places we play frequently and they can easily be rebooked or moved to accommodate special events. So, FIRE AWAY! We will see you soon…MUCH TOUGHER!
817 733-5256


Phil Pritchett and the Full Band are based in Dallas/Fort Worth and play shows all over the country. Since 1995 P2 has been releasing independent albums and crisscrossing the country with his livewire shows and fun, intelligent songs. P2 also LOVES playing private parties and please let us know what you have going on.

In addition to the Full Band show, P2 produces music in his own Trinidad World Recording studio. Yes, you too can record with P2! Click the Trinidad tab for a tour and more information.

The band also has an alter-ego British rock group called The British Are Coming. Click the page at the top for more information.

Call or email for booking and we will respond immediately.

(817) 733-5256