Podcast #171 – Phil Pritchett and Kurt South

Part 2 of P2’s catch up session with original P2 Podcast co-host Kurt South.

Podcast #170 – Phil Pritchett and Kurt South

P2 welcomes back the original P2 Podcast co-host Kurt South!


Phil's Thoughts

WHITE ELEPHANT FORT WORTH SEPT 13 September 8 2014, 11:54 am
All night P2FB....just $5....much tougher!
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THE WEEK!!!! August 5 2014, 01:44 pm
Mansion P2 DUO 8-5 Rustic P2 SOLO 8-6 White Elephant P2 SOLO 8-7

All are FREE...rejoice, revel, enjoy.......

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Saturday - The British Are Coming at the Mansion! July 2 2014, 12:05 am
The word is out.....the Brits are all the rage! Come see the Full Band in full 'The British Are Coming' mode to rock the Mansion Bar on Saturday.....Bloody Hell!
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Thursday Elephant; Saturday The Mansion BRITISH June 4 2014, 04:00 pm
P2 solo at WE on Thursday, then it's on to The Mansion Saturday with the British Are Coming....bloody hell!
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British Are Coming Friday; White Elephant Saturday May 6 2014, 02:56 pm
Friday, join The British Are Coming at the Mansion to revel in Brit Rock greatness...the word is out on this,...get there early! On at 9pm. Then, Saturday P2 and the Full Band are set to rock the White Elephant...on at 9pm, $5 at the door...much tougher!
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NAC TONIGHT! April 18 2014, 09:34 am

Tonight P2 plays a solo acoustic set at the Liberty Bell in Nacogdoches. It's been YEARS since P2 has been to Nac, so don't miss out! Show time is 9pm....much tougher!

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P2FB to NC may 15 for Super Rig Show April 3 2014, 09:46 am
P2FB will trek to Concord, NC on May 15th to play the Shell Rotella SuperRig event. P2 even contributed music and vocals to lyrics written for the event that is now running on national radio spots for the event. Sweet! A P2 truckin' song!!! Enjoy...we'll see you in Concord....
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New Podcast...Kurt South March 25 2014, 04:10 pm
New Podcast is UP

Part 2 with Kurt South.....

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Palestine March 22; Mansion that same night March 16 2014, 11:53 am
P2FB hit Dogwood Trails in Palestine on Saturday, March 22 at 3pm. This will be the first time in a few years the band has made it back to this sacred come on out for a P2 day of fun! That night, the band will return to Dallas to play a set at the Mansion as The British Are Coming...FREE SHOW...much tougher!
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New Podcast...Max Stalling Part 2 February 11 2014, 10:56 am
New Podcast is UP! Part 2 with Max...

Podcast #169 Phil Pritchett and Max Stalling

P2 welcomes Max Stalling back to the Trinidad Uptown studio.

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Thursday White Elephant; Saturday The Rustic February 6 2014, 02:40 pm
P2 DFW sweep this week......Elephant is a solo show, Full Band show at the Rustic...come one, come all! Much tougher....
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New Podcast is UP!!!! January 28 2014, 04:41 pm
New Podcast is UP:

P2 attends the big screen premieres of two films that are full of P2 music: WHO IS CLINN RIPPY? and OLD MAN FOOTBALL.

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British Are Coming Saturday January 15 2014, 04:28 pm the Mansion in Dallas!!!!
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The British Are Coming/P2FB!!! Mansion New Years Eve!!! December 30 2013, 11:53 am
Our British rock tribute band The British Are Coming is the hottest thing going...and we will be mixing it up with P2FB tunes at the Mansion on New Years Eve....much tougher!
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White Elephant Solo Show Thursday December 23 2013, 04:55 pm
P2 rolls solo in the Stockyards Thursday night...FREE
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New Years Eve at The Mansion December 17 2013, 02:51 pm
P2 and the Full Band will spend NYE rocking the Mansion on Turtle Creek in Dallas! Make your plans now!!! Much tougher...
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Rich O'Toole "Meet Me In Las Vegas" Released November 20 2013, 11:18 am
"Meet Me In Las Vegas" by Rich O'Toole is now on Itunes. Recorded with me producing at my own Trinidad World Recording proud of this. That's me playing bass, drums and atmospheric much fun! Thanks to Rich for tracking this one and delivering a great vocal/acoustic guitar track. Check it out and share if the spirit moves you...much tougher!

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NEW: Rich O'Toole "Meet Me in Las Vegas" Video November 12 2013, 03:26 pm
New video of Rich O'Toole singing my tune "Meet Me In Las Vegas." Our buddy Cameron Gott put this together after hanging out with us in the studio while we were working on the song. Dig Rich's vox/guitar and me (P2) adding plenty of bass, harmonies and guitar much fun! Enjoy...

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Historic BRITISH ARE COMING Show Friday at the Mansion October 30 2013, 10:21 am
Friday Night at the Mansion Bar - THE BRITISH ARE COMING. That's right!!! Phil Pritchett and the Full Band go part Halloween gag/part tribute band Friday night at THE MANSION. THE BRITISH ARE COMING is a new P2FB initiative that plays the great British hits of yore.....Beatles, Who, Kinks, Stones, Van....ALL done in fun and with inevitable P2 verve, energy, humor (humour?) and irreverence. Come be part of the FUN!!! NO COVER!!! Much bloody tougher!
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Saturday - Magnolia Motor Lounge October 30 2013, 10:19 am
Saturday - Magnolia Motor Lounge Fort Worth!!! P2 and the Full Band return to this great FW venue to rock in due course. On at 9pm!!!! Come one, come all....much tougher!
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